Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold Dredge Water Heaters

If you're like most dredge miners, you find the thought of immersing yourself in frigid river water on your mining claim to be downright repulsive, and certainly look forward to getting out of the water and getting dry as soon as the work is done. But in order to get the gold, you have to be in the water working, and the longer you stay in the water, the more gold you are likely to get. The standard answer to this problem is to simply strap on a wetsuit and call it good. But even a wetsuit is not enough to stay warm in some water conditions. The true answer is to build a water heater for your dredge that will use river water circulated through a heating system that pulls heat from the engine and the exhaust to warm water that is then circulated through your wetsuit, keeping you you warm and comfortable all day long. If you're wondering how to build such a device, you can simply visit this website and find a great set of plans to get you quickly started on dredge mining in comfort.